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Making Skateboards Smart and Cool

Building more interest into Science and Technology through Skateboarding

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About SkateHacks

"Localization of Innovation with Global Technologies" is the primary drive with skateboarding as one of the popular activities in the Northern Cape province, we need to use it towards socio-economic and human knowledge/skills development.

The Knowledge Economy and Innovation sub-programme of the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism seeks to empower the youth through ICT and and Business/Entrepreneurs skills development.

SkateHacks Maker activities are ran during the Kimberley Diamond Cup Northern Cape tours and the Skateboarding World Championship in October.

Skater Meets Maker Through Art and Creativity


Building a network of skaters and makers to collaborate and bring innovation to the society

Emerging Tech

Get the community to make and consume tech to make livelihood and re-creation much easiy

Data Science

Building skills capacity in Data Science for sports analysis to ensure greater performance

Human Excellence

A platform to showcase skills/talent and get exposed to the world for work and collaborative opportunities

Ents and Initiatives

Get involved in skills development and talent showcase events and initiatives - there is always something for everyone

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Makers and Skaters collaborative in Innovative projects that will disrupt the skateboarding scence

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SkateHacks is collaborative initiative with various organizations that are bringing value to the society.

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The Kimberley Diamond Cup

The Kimberley Diamond Cup is an annual skateboarding event held at the beginning of each southern hemisphere Spring in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa. The event features the largest single-event prize purse in skateboarding - $100,000 for first prize in the Street competition - and is the largest the skateboarding competition in Africa.

Communities located around Kimberley Diamond Cup Sponsor Kumba Iron Ore’s mines own a stake in the company and receive twice-yearly dividend payments that are used for community development projects such as clinics, schools, and infrastructure development. Kumba Iron Ore has also a stated commitment to turn South Africa’s Northern Cape Province into a world-class extreme sport destination.

Meet The Team

Makers and Skaters behind the programme

Creston Campher

A skater and coordinator of the SkateHacks initiative. Second year student at Sol Plaatje University

Solly Cossa

Electronics Systems Maker, Solly is a final year student at the Tshwane University of Technology

Dineo Malatjie

Dineo is one of the youngest members of Geekulcha and she is an Electronics systems developer

What's Up?

What we are up to



Skateboarding For Hope – Kimberley 2015

Posted By shadmin

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it wanted to see what’s on the other side. The world is growing, things are changing, getting smarter and more integrated than ever. Geekulcha honoured an invite by the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism

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